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Showing all 9 results

Men’s leather accessories Issa Hara for modern men

How to create a unique image, emphasize the status, express yourself, show confidence? This is impossible without the male leather accessories, which are not only a practical everyday thing, but also a highlight of the style.

Appreciate the quality, exclusivity and practicality? We also, therefore, offer you a large selection of men’s accessories made of genuine leather, using the latest technology for its processing, using high-quality Japanese accessories. And, most importantly, with the love that we put into each product.

Leather clamps for money

There are several types of clamps: with a metal clip, in the form of plates, on a magnet. We consider the first type to be the most practical.

Money clamps made of genuine leather, functioning as a clothes clip, with a clip, are more capacious and allow securely fixing bills. The latter are well protected from damage, do not fall out, they are convenient to get.

We suggest buying a leather money clip, if you prefer compactness and lightness. This solution for pockets, when you do not want to take a bag with you or wear a wallet in outer clothing.

Passport cover made of genuine leather

Passport – one of the most important documents, his condition often speaks of its owner. A person who wants to achieve success will not go around with a shabby passport, and a leather cover on him is an opportunity to emphasize solidity, to show himself as a successful, responsible man.

Such a small thing you can emphasize your style, express preferences, emotions. We recommend choosing such an accessory under the bag, it looks original and impresses the surrounding. In our store you can buy a leather cover for your passport in Kiev or order it with delivery in Ukraine.

This is a good gift, which will definitely be necessary, and it will be appreciated by the male representatives. It’s exquisite, elegant, respectable, and with such a gift you definitely will not miss.

Leather housekeeper

It is not always convenient to carry keys together with other things: they are difficult to get, they crumple or scratch papers, phone and other contents.

For more convenience, buy a men’s leather housekeeper, which reliably harnesses the keys, and they will not interfere with you. And yet it is a stylish accessory that will emphasize your image and make the right stroke.

We recommend buying a housekeeper from leather, since this material is strong enough, durable, comfortable and aesthetically attractive.

Men’s Documentary

Or a cardholder. In order for things to be in order, all documents, cards, business cards must be in one place. For a business person, this is important, because he often has to carry all this “set” with him. Therefore, it is desirable to buy a man’s documentary, which will not only be an indispensable assistant in everyday life, but also a fashionable accessory that emphasizes elegance.

Leather case

Used for storage of personal hygiene items, for fishing or hunting gear, for tourism, for traveling on a business trip. A compact bag, with many compartments, will allow ergonomically to distribute everything you need when you need to get ready for the road. Therefore, a leather man’s dressing bag is an excellent and very practical gift that will last long and surely.