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Showing 1–12 of 24 results

Leather covers for iPhone

Modern gadgets are fragile and require additional protection against all kinds of shocks and scratches. Once you have purchased a new iPhone, a solid leather case should be the next item on your shopping list. This kind of material will reliably protect your device and will look elegant and elegant.

Leather Cases for iPhone 6

The peculiarity of this series is a more delicate design of the device, the body of which is made, though from pleasant to the touch, but slippery materials. Therefore, protection is simply necessary, because at any time you risk releasing it from your hands.

The leather natural case for the iPhone 6 phone is the most acceptable solution. After all, the skin, unlike many other materials, does not slip. It is soft, especially when inside the case there is an interlayer, so it protects the expensive fragile device well from unforeseen “injuries”.

And a few more arguments, why it is worth buying the leather case for the mobile:

  • expensive and elegant looks on the phone;
  • does not depend on fashion trends. If the plastic was at the peak of popularity for several years, and now it is looked at him indifferently, the skin looks solid always and will not become obsolete;
  • practicality. It is convenient to use, it is not difficult to get the device, it does not slip out of the hands;
  • durability. With proper care, the leather case for the phone will last at least 2 years, remaining presentable and pleasant to use.

We offer exactly the cases for mobile phones, because we consider this form the most practical for such material. Unlike other forms, the case for the smartphone can be made very soft, which additionally protects the gadget from damage. For example, it is possible to lay a layer of the lining, which will improve the cushioning of the phone when it falls.

Our online store Issa Hara offers more than 20 models of leather cases for smartphones, different types and colors. They will perfectly fit into any style and image, especially in business and casual and will be the detail that will advantageously emphasize your image in any situation.

Leather case for iPhone 5

This series is more robust and practical, but also needs protection. After all, risking the loss of an expensive device is irrational, even for a rich and financially successful person. Therefore, to your attention – leather topical covers on the iPhone 5 and 5s, taking into account all the features of iPhones of this series.

There is an opinion that leatherette is not inferior to natural material by its qualities. But we can not agree: as long as the skin, leatherette will not serve, keeping presentable. Over time, the synthetic material will be blurred in the corners, and if you buy leather clothes on the iPhone 5, the case for your iPhone at least 2-3 year will look solid and rich.

Custom Cases

In our store IssaHara you can go beyond the assortment provided to your attention. If you do not find the perfect option and want something original, we will produce for you a leather case (Apple and not only).