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Leather bags for notebooks Issa Hara

A modern business person often has a need to carry his “mini-office” with him: to work, business meetings, business trips and travel. Therefore, a laptop requires a special bag, leather or other material. It would make it convenient to transport it and protect it from all sorts of damage, moisture, pollution.

Issa Hara cares not only about the technique, but also about the impeccability of your style. We offer several models of leather bags for Apple and other brands of laptops, in different style and color solutions, from the restrained classical options, and ending with a fairly bright and avant-garde.

Our main principle is quality at all costs. Only genuine leather, only modern methods of processing, only high-quality fittings. And most importantly – we invest in each product a piece of ourselves.

IssaHara: leather bags for laptops in Kiev

We believe that genuine leather is the ideal material for such an accessory. She is:

  • breathes;
  • does not pass water;
  • does not lend itself to temperature changes;
  • long rushes;
  • looks elite and presentable.

You can buy a man’s leather laptop bag in our online store, and in our show-room in Kiev you can look at the interesting options live before you make a purchase. We carry out delivery all over Ukraine.


The main thing when choosing a leather bag – properly matched for a laptop, size. The device should easily enter into it, securely fix and without any problems be withdrawn. On this depends the ease of use, as well as the reliability of protection technology from mechanical damage.

The required parameters of the accessory are very simple to determine – in accordance with the diagonal of the notebook itself. If you do not know it, you can find the size:

  • in the instructions to the device;
  • having measured it with a ruler;
  • having learned the name of the model, and finding the complete information on the Internet.

We manufacture leather bags for laptops 15,6 inches, 12, 17 and other popular and not so, sizes.

Additional features

In addition to the main department, the bags are equipped with well thought out and functional departments for placing other accessories: power supply unit, mouse, disks, flash drives.

Sewing on order

If you did not find a male model of a leather bag that would be optimal for your laptop and for you personally, we can produce an individual solution, taking into account your requirements and wishes.