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Men’s briefcase

Exquisite classics, timeless out of time

For a modern business person, a man’s portfolio is not only a functionally necessary thing. It is an attribute of the refinement of style, self-confidence and success. In the store of the Issa Hara brand, you are presented with a huge selection of comfortable leather portfolios of high quality, so that you always feel right at the top!

How to choose and buy a men’s leather briefcase


In the classical fashion, it is not customary to wear accessories from dissimilar materials. Textile products can be left for free walks and hikes. They are not compatible with the classics.

From synthetic leather should be abandoned altogether. A solid man has a leather briefcase. The fact that the bag – the main accessory, which we “meet”. You can have a modest suit. But with a quality bag or a portfolio of genuine leather, you will look elegant, elegant. And vice versa: an accessory from leatherette that only begins to climb, will ruin even the most expensive brand suit.

We manufacture men’s leather briefcases only from genuine leather, processed according to the latest technologies. Therefore, they serve for a very long time and only grow old with age.


The first thing that real men appreciate in any leather bags and briefcases is convenience and practicality in application. This capacity, and compactness, and the availability of convenient offices.

Someone is most comfortable with a large leather briefcase, in which you can place not only documents and a standard set of the most necessary things (keys, money, a smartphone). If you need to take your laptop, lunch or other dimensional items from time to time, we recommend that you take a closer look at larger models.

Pay attention to the branches. A successful man should love order in things, so they should always be laid out in pockets, so that you can get the right object at any time.


Handles should be soft and comfortable. Before you buy a men’s briefcase, hold it in your hand for a while to see how comfortable it is for you.

The smoothness of the seams, additional firmware in the places of fastening of handles and strap (it goes in the complete set), qualitative accessories. This is all – not only a pledge of elite appearance, but also a long, faithful service of our products.


When choosing your “own” portfolio of genuine leather, compare it with the style and color palette of your clothes (especially the top) and shoes. It must be in harmony with the general concept of the image.