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Men’s Leather Wallets

Wallets for a modern man – not at all a banal accessory, and its purpose is not only utilitarian. This is an essential attribute of the image of a business person, it reflects the identity of its owner. And if you are planning to buy a leather men’s purse, remember: this is a part of your success. It is believed that the more decent the wallet, the more it likes to be money.

We want each of you to always stay on top and feel confident. Therefore, we invest a part of ourselves in each of the products. Our principle is a thoughtfulness in every detail and quality that we achieve at any cost.

Men’s leather wallet: what are they, how to choose

To your attention – more than 20 models of different types and colors of the men’s line of leather purses.

All men’s wallets of our manufacture are made entirely of genuine leather. They are presented in different forms: “books”, direct, cardholders.

Direct bankers

Their advantage is the ability to keep the notes even. But there is also a small minus: they are worn either in the inner pocket of the outer clothing / jacket or in the bag, and in the pocket of jeans or trousers will not fit.

Thoughtful departments of each of these products allow you to accurately fold banknotes, cards, and other necessary trifles. Thin models have the necessary minimum of compartments, but they are convenient if you do not want to carry a massive wallet in your pocket.


If you want to buy a more compact men’s purse made of genuine leather, which can be placed in your trouser pocket, you will be approached by bifolders – wallets in two folds, they open like a book. Bonds in them are bent in half, there are departments for cards and business cards.

Why should a man’s purse be made of leather?

You use a wallet several times a day, and no matter how carefully you treat it, it will wear out, lose presentability, and this wear will come very quickly, if it is from leatherette. Men’s leather purse, with proper care, will serve significantly more than leatherette. And it will look expensive and solid.

Issa Hara: with love for your cause

At every stage of production, we strive to achieve a decent quality. Starting with the development of design and cut, finishing with the final design and packaging. We apply modern technologies proven by time, so that the products are as strong and presentable as possible.
Appreciate the reliability and relevance, practicality and style? In our online store you can buy men’s leather purses that meet all these requirements.
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