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Issa Hara leather backpacks – practicality and style

You do not think your life without movement, you are active, constantly moving forward and striving for freedom? And want to look stylish and fit the latest fashion? Then a leather backpack harmoniously fit into your image and successfully emphasize the character. This accessory is incredibly convenient, and yet it is at the height of fashion.

Leather backpacks in Kiev

Love that your hands are always free, and you need to carry a lot of things with you? In this case, there is a stylish solution in casual and even in casual-business style.

Our online store Issa Hara offers several actual, practical and very daring leather backpacks that can be bought in Kiev or ordered with delivery in Ukraine. At first glance, it seems too extravagant, but it’s fresh, relevant, it comes to the right dress code and allows you to stand out from the crowd.

For several years, leather backpacks have appeared in the trend, and designers say that at the peak of fashion they will last more than one year. After all, it is not only beautiful, but also very practical: you can take a lot with you, and your hands remain free.

Colors of backpacks

Picking up the color of the backpack, think about the circumstances for which you buy it. If you plan to go to work, where you need to stick to the dress code, choose neutral shades. If you are not forced to dress in a strictly business style, choose any favorite coloring, even the most daring.

Black and brown leather backpacks are an excellent combination of courage and restraint. It seems that the backpack itself breaks frames and demonstrates freedom, but the neutrality of such colors allows you to look not defiantly.

And really bright and unordinary will look like a blue or even red men’s leather backpack, which only the most courageous experimenters in fashion can decide to buy. Not for nothing, because this courage definitely will not leave you gray and unprepossessing.

Leather backpacks: online store IssaHara

Aspiring forward and overcoming difficulties, you want to always look strong, confident and to be on top. We realize your desires, offering fashionable, stylish leather backpacks and bags of elite quality.

Our principle is to achieve high quality at all costs. Therefore, we use only modern technologies of leather processing and tailoring, we carefully study all elements of design and cut, we strive to make each product as practical and functional as possible. We sew backpacks only from genuine leather. This material:

  • solid and presentable;
  • very strong;
  • wear-resistant;
  • durable;
  • does not lend itself to temperature changes.

If you plan to carry a laptop, camera or other professional accessories in a leather backpack, consider the dimensions of the accessory when choosing.

You can quickly choose and buy a leather city backpack online, on our website. Fitting is possible in our showroom.