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Showing 1–12 of 71 results

Men’s leather bags Issa Hara – quality at any cost

Regardless of the circumstances, we never change our principle. And our principle is an elite quality, proven technologies and elegant design. Producing men’s leather bags, we use only natural materials and high-quality fittings, develop an exclusive design and invest a part of ourselves in each product.

We want you to always feel on top, look stylish and confident. And if you want to buy a men’s leather bag that would not just be a practical thing, but a luxurious as well as a durable accessory, welcome to our store IssaHara!

Issa Hara: luxury men’s bags made of genuine leather

In our production, the priority has always been, is and will be high quality, which we achieve at any cost.

Our task is not to reduce the cost of products, but to make it as practical and durable as possible.

To your attention, more than 70 models of different types, and we are happy to help you choose the ideal option.

Shoulder Bags

This type, perhaps, the most popular, because it is very convenient and optimal for everyday wear. Such models are universal and suitable for both business image and casual. Simplicity, the presence of a variety of convenient departments, as well as freedom of hands – one of the best solutions for mobile, active young people.

Here you can buy men’s leather bags over your shoulder in Kiev or order delivery in Ukraine.


The style of a business man is unimaginable without a business elite leather portfolio. It is actual for documents, important notes, necessary accessories.

If you are a fan of casual style, but want something like a portfolio, an excellent alternative will be the male version of the bag totebag, also made of genuine leather. It is equipped with massive handles and has impressive dimensions.


If you need a compact handbag for small items (smartphone, wallet, documents, keys and so on), a purse is suitable. It can be worn both in the hand and on the strap over the shoulder, leaving the hands free. Such bags are preferred by many men, because it is really very convenient and functional.


Recently, this style has become relevant. Designed to store the appropriate device. It can also put documents, but there are not so many places in them as in the previous versions, due to the flatter form and rigid frame (which are protected by the gadget itself).


Not boasting, but pride: we are one of the few manufacturers of leather handbags made of first-class quality in Ukraine. We control every stage of production, from the development of a unique design, and ending with packaging.

For production, we use only high-quality natural leather and reliable processing technologies, we purchase quality Japanese accessories, and carefully design the product structure.

In our online store you can at the best price to buy men’s bags “tablets”, briefcases, handbags and other models of genuine leather, which we wrote above. They are presented in “classical” colors: black, brown, beige, Burgundy, blue, and also combined.

How to take care of a leather bag

Skin – a material that is not whimsical and durable, if it is properly handled: cleanse of dirt, apply glycerin, store properly. Remember a few recommendations for the care of leather bags from our store:

  • once in 1-2 weeks, wipe the surface of the product with warm, lightly soapy water;
  • Do not use solvents, vinegar and wet wipes, they are aggressive;
  • choose a special caregiver and apply it regularly;
  • To avoid clogging of personal belongings, documents, bags need to be shaken out from time to time.

Also we advise to look our leather men’s wallets and cardholders are another important attribute of everyday life.