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Women’s leather accessories from Issa Hara

What does not emphasize the elegance of the female image, how not an exquisite accessory? Workshop Issa Hara is working to ensure that you are always on top and feel irresistible.

More than 7 years of experience, advanced European technologies for tailoring leather products, high-quality materials, exclusively genuine leather, unique design developments – we are sincerely trying for you. An accessory for a woman is a thing that expresses her taste, style, femininity. This is an integral part of any image, allowing you to always remain in fashion.

We can buy women’s accessories of high quality at a good price. Fashion, relevance, style and reliability, practicality and durability are the principles that we follow for your sake.

Leather cosmetic bag

Without this gizmo it is difficult to imagine the order in the ladies’ cosmetic arsenal, especially if it’s not a big deal. The main criterion of choice is the possibility of convenient and secure transportation of cosmetics. Therefore, a soft and durable leather cosmetic bag with thoughtful compartments is an ideal variant of such an accessory for most women.

The remaining parameters – size, shape, functionality, design – individual solution, directly depends on how much money you plan to put there.

Before you buy a leather cosmetic bag, you need to decide what it is intended for:

  • storage of cosmetics at home;
  • for the set of tools that you carry with you every day;
  • on the road, on a trip / business trip.

These are three different types, differing in size, department and form. In some cases, you take the very minimum, which must gently fit into the women’s bag. In others, as many things as you can not do without.

Women’s leather cosmetic bags are presented here in the form of classic mini-bags, which are convenient and store at home, and take with you, and if you are going on the road, pay attention to the vanity case. Unlike the cosmetic bag, it is more capacious and has more compartments: when collecting things on the road, you need to take with you a lot of small things that you want to conveniently decompose.

Women’s money clips

A compact and no less stylish alternative to a classic wallet – chuck. A very convenient solution, as it easily fits into a miniature purse.

The clip is designed to store banknotes, small change and a card to store in it is not very convenient (in this case, it is better to choose a purse). Such a little task is compensated by compactness.

Female housekeeper

Keys are a small, but necessary item in each person’s bag. From home, office, car – it does not matter. Their loss or long searches in the bag cause unnecessary trouble, sometimes put in very embarrassing situations. Women’s leather housekeeper – not only a stylish accessory, but also a small helper in this matter. The keys in it are more visible, lie in one place, nothing in the bag is scratching.

Women’s passport covers

Passport is the main document that we most often show. His appearance says a lot about the owner, and beautiful, exquisite cover will not only be a reliable protection against damage, but also a stylish accessory.