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Women’s laptop bags

Such a valuable thing as a laptop, requires correct and safe transportation, which can provide a special case or cover. This accessory has become so familiar that there is a desire to transform it, to fit into the everyday image. Women’s laptop bags – today are not just practical and necessary, but also beautiful, stylish, original.

On the site of the workshop Issa Hara you can choose and buy a women’s laptop bag made of leather, of high quality. To your attention – a wide range of topical, exquisite models for every taste, in all the right sizes. And if you do not find the ideal option, please contact us – we will make it for you!

How to choose the right laptop bag for women


The parameters of such bags, as well as the parameters of the notebooks themselves, are measured in inches. Logically, they must coincide. The gadget simply will not fit into a too small handbag, it will be too much to hang out. Do not be scared if its volume will be quite a bit larger than the device itself.

The most common sizes of women’s bags for laptops – 15.6, as well as 17.3. If it’s a MacBook, it’s about 12 and 13 inches. We indicate all these data in the product description, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Any of the models presented in the catalog can be manufactured in any size that suits you.


If, in addition to the laptop itself, you carry a charger, drives, additional battery and other accessories, choose bags with the appropriate compartments. It is very convenient and practical.

If you are used to wearing only the gadget itself, it is quite enough compact neat cover, in spite of the fact that it can not fit into anything other than a laptop. If you do not need to wear a number of accessories, then additional offices will be just superfluous.