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Showing 1–12 of 21 results

Issa Hara leather handbags – Quality at all costs

Any lady’s image is unimaginable without a handbag. This is not only a fashion accessory, without which it is impossible to create a fashionable look, but also a practical thing: you need to put things together somewhere. Leather women’s bags are deservedly considered the best, this material always looks exquisitely and richly, at the same time, it is worn for a long time, without losing presentability.

Women’s bags from the Ukrainian manufacturer

Issa Hara is elite products made of genuine leather. Our priority is quality, which we achieve at any cost, putting all our ideas and latest developments into every detail. Carefully designed design, modern technologies of material processing, quality Japanese accessories – we are trying for you and we want you to always feel confident and flawless.

In our online store you can buy a women’s leather bag, and if you are in Kiev, you can visit our show room to see all the products live and choose the one you like.

How to choose

It is necessary to decide for which cases a handbag is needed: for every day, for work, study, for walks, visits, for solemn events. In each women’s wardrobe should be at least two bags: for everyday wear and “on the way out,” ideally – made of genuine leather.

Usually for work or study we take more capacious, voluminous handbags, in accordance with our needs. When we are going for a walk or for an evening, choose something small and elegant.

Many people think that it is better to take an inexpensive bag for every day, but this is a blunder. And in everyday life I want to be on top. In addition, you often use this accessory, so with poor quality, it quickly worn out and will lose presentability.

Here you can buy only quality women’s bags made of genuine leather, with delivery throughout Ukraine. You, rather, are morally tired of them, than they lose their luster.

Color and style

You can prefer a neutral color (black, gray, brown), and any other. Beige, pastel pink, burgundy, blue are also suitable for different types of clothing. Focus on the palette of your wardrobe and do not be afraid to experiment.

Pick up women’s bags for the color of shoes made of leather has long been not considered compulsory.

Many ladies doubt the convenience of pens. Decide for yourself whether it will be convenient for you to carry an accessory with short handles in your hand, or you better hang it on your shoulder. If you want your hands to be free, we can offer you stylish women’s leather bags over your shoulder.